Legacy Outfitters began in 2002 as a group of men committed to helping men pass on a legacy of faith from one generation to another. Legacy Outfitters brings together men who share a passion for the outdoors, and gives them the perfect place to share life-shaping experiences in a positive, encouraging environment.

Plenty of men focus on building a career, a reputation, and a stable financial future, but find they have little to offer in the way of character or Christian commitment. At Legacy Outfitters, we believe that a man bears a leadership responsibility for his family, not just to provide for their needs. Our personal legacy starts when we give ourselves as a servant to those who look to us for guidance. We long to inspire generations of men who will leave a legacy worth continuing…a legacy of faith in Jesus Christ, and of responsibility as a man.

Legacy meetings and events are carefully designed to shape us for God’s glory into being better men, husbands, fathers, and friends. Whether its in a golf course clubhouse or at a creek side camp ground, we know that lifelong friendships are forged as men connect with one another on a meaningful level. If you’ve been looking for a positive place to share your love for the outdoors, then join us around the camp fire or on one of our adventures, make new friends, and go home changed for the better.

We meet monthly for a wonderful time of fellowship, and a powerful time of sharing life experiences. In addition to these meetings, we provide a variety of outdoor adventures.

Father/Son Camp Outs
Father/Daughter Camp Outs
Archery Tournaments
Wild Game Hunts (deer, turkey, hog
Family Retreats and Couples Retreats
Fishing Trips and Tournaments
Wild Game Banquets
Skeet Shooting and Tournaments
Bird Hunts
Waterfowl Hunts